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Should I Cut the Brown Leaves off My Bird of Paradise?

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It is very important that you cut the brown leaves off your Bird of Paradise. Cutting off brown leaves is important for keeping your plant healthy. But not only do the leaves provide shade to keep moisture in the plant, but they also carry essential nutrients from the soil to feed other parts of it.

How Can I Save My Plant?

If you have brown leaves on your Bird of Paradise plant, it’s important to make sure that there are no pests eating away at it or causing it harm. Remove any affected parts by cutting them off. Spray the plant with an insecticidal soap while holding it under running lukewarm tap water. Make sure that the base of the plant is sitting on a tray with good drainage so water does not accumulate around the base and cause root rot, and be sure to keep your soil moist but not soggy and let it dry out between waterings. Cut back on the direct sun to 6 hours a day, or equivalent indirect light.