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Why Is My Venus Flytrap Turning Black?

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If your Venus flytrap is turning black, it is either going dormant or there is something wrong with its environment. Proper care and attention can sometimes reverse the effects and make your plant healthy again.

Venus flytraps are fun and interesting plants to have in your home. Not wanting your houseplant to die, it can be alarming to see a portion of it turn black. The good news is that you can likely save it with proper intervention and care.

While growing carnivorous plants is fun and exciting, it isn’t always easy for new indoor gardeners. Venus flytraps require very specific care in order to thrive. They need to be potted in appropriate soil, get enough water and have adequate lighting in order to produce new traps and make it through their dormancy period.

The truth is that many gardeners struggle to keep their Venus flytraps healthy enough so that they survive and even produce new growth.