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Do Blue Venus Flytraps Exist?

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Venus Flytraps are the most popular and easily recognized carnivorous plant in the world. Spring green in their natural habitat, domestication has allowed for some variation to their original green. Some popular cultivars are red-bearing names like Red Dragon, Red Burgundy, Red Sunset, and Royal Red. In addition to red Venus Flytraps, the internet hosts many websites claiming to sell blue, and sometimes purple, plants. Is it true? Could this ever-so-popular plant also be available in these unusual colors?

Unfortunately, like any industry, scammers have weaseled their way into the world of plants. If something seems too good to be true or slightly unnatural, it is always a good idea to research thoroughly before purchasing a plant.

While it would definitely be awesome to add a blue Venus flytrap to your indoor garden, these plants simply do not exist. Instead, look for another carnivorous plant that will gobble up the insects around your home. Purchasing blue Venus flytrap plants or fake seeds would simply be a waste of your money as they do not exist.

We hope we have saved you a little bit of annoyance from falling for a false ad with a pretty picture. For now, you will need to settle for pictures of these fake, but beautiful, plants.